Tips for enrolling in the Affordable Care Act

Larry Antonucci

Having the right health insurance is important to ensure you get the care you need at the most affordable price. With several options available through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace, we at Lee Health would like to provide some tips to keep in mind when signing up for health insurance through the ACA Marketplace.

Tip 1

You can sign up through the website or through an agent or broker (and it’s free to work with an agent or broker).

Larry Antonucci

When choosing an ACA plan, you can choose to sign up directly through the ACA website or you can choose to use an agent or broker to assist you. Many people don’t realize that using an agent or broker is free; they are paid for by the insurance companies. If you use an agent or broker, make sure they can offer you all the ACA options available to you.

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