Kosherfest is no more: it has run its course

Kosherfest is no more: it has run its course

by Sruly Meyer COLlive

In a surprising announcement, Kosherfest organizers have decided to discontinue the annual trade show that has been a fixture in the kosher food industry for over three decades.

Kosherfest, founded in 1989 by Menachem Lubinsky AND Richard Levihas been a vital platform for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers to explore the latest trends, innovations and offerings in the kosher food industry.

Over the years, the event has grown dramatically in size and influence, establishing itself as the premier gathering in the kosher food industry. Exhibitors included manufacturers, beverage companies, specialty food manufacturers and kosher certification agencies.

The event showcased products and services, allowing attendees to taste, learn about and interact with various kosher foods and related items.

However, the decision to discontinue Kosherfest, according to the organizers, was due to the evolving role of supermarket category managers and the changing dynamics within major supermarket chains.

They added, “With the elimination of dedicated kosher shoppers at many of these chains, exhibitors have expressed concern about the diminished return on investment associated with attending Kosherfest.”

Traditionally, specialist kosher shoppers oversaw the kosher food category within supermarket chains. But as responsibilities shifted to food shoppers handling a wider range of produce, their attendance at food events extended beyond the unique kosher window displays.

This shift in shopper responsibilities presented a challenge for Kosherfest, which focused exclusively on certified kosher products, in attracting the attention of these food shoppers. Kosherfest has run its course, organizers said Wednesday.

In light of this announcement, the organizers have assured exhibitors that all exhibit space deposits received will be promptly refunded within the next 2-3 weeks, demonstrating their commitment to a fair resolution for those invested in Kosherfest attendance.

While Kosherfest will no longer serve as an annual gathering place for kosher food enthusiasts, its legacy will be remembered as a platform that fostered innovation, facilitated business relationships, and celebrated the rich diversity of kosher cuisine.

Even with the end of Kosherfest, other acts are still on the kosher food show scene. Kosher Food and Wine Experience (KFWE), KosherPalooza and JFood.

KosherPalooza, an event created and hosted by Fleishigs Magazine and partnered with Pw Wow. KosherPalooza aims to provide a unique and interactive experience for consumers and industry professionals. This is a one day event held on June 28th. It offers a fresh approach to kosher food exhibitions by combining consumer-focused elements with opportunities to attract buyers from major industry players.

The event will have interactive panels, cooking demonstrations, and direct-to-consumer options, allowing attendees to interact with exhibitors, sample different kosher food products, and gain insight into cooking techniques and emerging food trends

The other novelty is JFood, scheduled for 13 and 14 June. This two-day extravaganza brings together food enthusiasts, industry professionals, and exhibitors from the kosher food industry. Attendees can discover, taste and learn about kosher food products from exhibitors representing different sectors of the food industry. Interactive panels and cooking demonstrations led by renowned chefs and experts provide valuable insights into cooking techniques, kosher certification and emerging food trends.

Finally, The Kosher Food and Wine Show has been around a bit longer and has events in multiple cities like Miami, Los Angeles, and of course New York. It brings together the best of kosher food and wine in a lively and interactive setting. Featuring tasting sessions, the Kosher Food and Wine Show creates an environment for discovering new flavors and pairings.

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