Kim’s trainer Ks Senada Greca in black bikini reveals her weight

Senada Greca poses in a black bikini

TrainerGreek Senadathe new fitness trainer fromKim Kardashianshe’s candid and honest about her weight with her 4.2 million Instagram followers!

The Zentoa founder posed in a black bikini while sharing her height and weight, letting fans know she feels strong and confident in her skin, even though she’s above the weight she might have expected at the start of her career. fitness.

Kim Kardashian’s fitness trainer Senada Greca in black bikini reveals how much she weighs

In her latest Instagram post, the fitness instructor warned her followers not to let the number on the scale determine the success of their fitness journey. “Don’t let the number on the scale dictate how you feel. You may be losing the best version of you to YOU! she wrote in the caption. “1 year and about 8lbs later now sitting at 138lbs on my 5ft 5.5in frame.”

“There was a time when I would freak out being over 130lbs. Now, at 138lbs, I honestly feel at my best. I feel solid, strong and comfortable,” she said, adding that some things have changed in that time. For starters, she’s now eating slightly above maintenance and making sure she’s hitting all of her macros, which are different for each person. individual.

Senada Greca poses in a black bikini
Instagram | Greek Senada

She also changed her workout from four days a week for her lower body to three. Now she also adds one or two ab days a week and upper body days, but she takes days off as needed. She does one full-body workout a week and has one active rest day, where she usually incorporates some sit-ups. Since he already does one or two ab workouts a week, count that as one or two rest days a week.

When he trains, he also works on strengthening his mind-muscle connection. “I can’t stress focus enough and being present with your movements and working muscles,” she wrote, while also reminding her followers that it’s important to lift challenging weights while never compromising on form.

Fans love Senada’s transparency in her fitness journey!

Senada Greca tries to do a handstand on a dumbbell
Instagram | Greek Senada

Fans loved her latest video which shows off her body from all angles. 1. You are amazing. 2. You are beautiful. 3. Let’s talk about smooth skin. Are you looking for everything professionally? Your skin is so flawless and shiny, commented one fan. Senada replied: “You are so kind.” Thank you. I don’t but I moisturize well and I typically add a drop of coconut oil to my moisturizer.

You are body goals. 138 pounds of pure muscle. I wouldn’t mind either!! another follower exclaimed. Phenomenal work, a third fan chimed in. My Ultimate Girl Crush!! You are killing it and you look absolutely gorgeous, another follower shared.

Greek Senada doing the Dragon Flag Challenge
Instagram | Greek Senada

Unbelievable… May I ask and no offense please but do you use performance supplements like steroids or other supplements? Other than whey protein what else do you use if anything commented another follower. Senada replied: No offense, my beauty. Many people (and understandably so) don’t know the difference between a natural physique and one that takes steroids or is made unnaturally.

I am 100% natural. I have never touched or will ever touch that stuff. I eat well and work HARD, she continued. I take a multivitamin. A fish oil and while they are not plant based, I prefer plant based protein powders.

Senada Greca hanging from a tree in ab workout
Instagram | Greek Senada

Another follower asked, then, just to get it right: out of 7 days it’s 3 days lower body, 2 days upper body + abs, 1 day full body, 1 day off with the circuit of the abdominal muscles? Senada replied, yes. But sometimes, if I feel the need to, I take an additional day off and I usually sacrifice one day for my upper body.

Fans absolutely love how willing Senada is to share her workout tips with her followers so they too can get the body of their dreams! Another fan commented, I don’t like the scale because it doesn’t measure how sexy we are. Senada replied: Truth! Love that!

Senada Greca coaches Kim Kardashian
Instagram Stories | Greek Senada

Interested in more Greek Senada content? In another Instagram post, she dropped into the sand to get an abs workout at the beach wearing a bright green bikini before hitting the gym for another intense workout.

Fans can check out those videos and get a little more insight into his training regimen by clicking here!

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